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Easy Grooming™️ Dog & Cat Self-Cleaning Brush


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Color: Green
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🐾 Easy Grooming™️ Self Cleaning Brush - Groom Like a Pro! 🐾.

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🌟 Happy, Healthy Pets!
Ergonomic design for a comfortable and enjoyable grooming session.

🛡️ Built to Last!
Stainless steel bristles are 1.2x thicker for a durable grooming experience.

🧹 Self-Clean in Seconds!
Click, release, and wipe away collected fur - no fuss!

**Love How Easy It Works** -Marlene, NY


"Best grooming tool ever!" - Sarah, CA

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💆‍♀️ Pamper Your Pets!
Round rubber-tipped pins provide a soothing massage without scratching their skin.



🐱 Your pet will love the soothing massage.
🐶 1.2x thicker bristles mean it's built to last.



🎉 Effortless Grooming!
Remove tangles, knots, and dirt with ease - it's grooming made simple.


**Simple Self-Cleaning**
Just click, release, and wipe away collected fur - it's that easy!


Keep your pet's coat in top shape effortlessly, and say goodbye to knots and tangles.



1. **How often should I use the brush?**
- Regular use keeps your pet's coat looking its best.

2. **Is it suitable for all pets?**
- Yes, it works great for cats and dogs of all sizes and fur types.

3. **How do I clean the brush?**
- Simply click the button to release fur and wipe it away.

4. **Can I use it on sensitive pets?**
- Absolutely! The rounded pins are gentle on their skin.

5. **Will it last a long time?**
- Yes, it's built with durability in mind.

6. **Is it easy to grip?**
- Yes, the ergonomic handle makes grooming comfortable.
7.** How Soon Can I Get My Brush?
- We Ship within 2-3 business days. You Should get your order within 7-12 Business days. We provide tracking numbers with every order.
We're confident you'll love it, but if not, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 


Easy Grooming™️ Dog & Cat Self-Cleaning Brush