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Anti-skid Dog Water Bowl


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Color: Green


Say Goodbye to Mess with the Anti-Skid Dog Water Bowl

Tired of constantly cleaning up after your pet's water time? We have the ideal solution to keep your furry friend hydrated and your floors spotless!

Product Overview:

Made from high-quality PP material, our Anti-Skid Dog Water Bowl is designed to revolutionize your pet's drinking experience. No more spills or splashes – just a clean and dry environment. This bowl is a true game-changer for both pets and pet owners.

Key Features:

  • No More Mess: Wave goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up water spills. Our Anti-Skid Dog Water Bowl ensures that your floors stay dry and tidy, even during the messiest drinking sessions.


  • Material: PP
  • Size Options: Gray (15.3x18.9x8cm), Pink (15.3x18.9x8cm), Blue (15.3x18.9x8cm)

Included in the Package:

  • 1 x Anti-Skid Dog Water Bowl

Experience Cleanliness and Convenience:

This Anti-Skid Dog Water Bowl brings both you and your pet unparalleled convenience. No more mop-ups and no more worries about wet floors. Keep your pet's drinking area clean and comfortable with this innovative solution. Choose the color that suits your style and make mess a thing of the past!

Anti-skid Dog Water Bowl
Anti-skid Dog Water Bowl