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Pull-No-More™️ Dog Harness Breathable Reflective


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Color: Black

Presenting the PUL-NO-MORE™️ Quick-Fit Dog Vest Harness: A Fusion of Comfort and Functionality

Venturing out for a stroll or rigorous training with your canine buddy? Experience the ease of our  PUL-NO-MORE™️  Dog Vest Harness, specifically designed for prompt dressing and unmatched comfort.

Swift Dressing Experience: Outfitted with three rapid-release buckles (one around the neck and two across the chest), our harness ensures a hassle-free wearing process. The side-neck dressing method not only simplifies the process but also diminishes any reluctance from your furry friend, allowing for quick donning or removal.

Key Features:

Precision Tailoring: Modify to perfection. With four completely adjustable straps (two on the shoulders and two on the chest), this harness ensures a snug fit while ensuring your dog's utmost comfort, reducing any chances of escape.

Craftsmanship at its Best: Prioritizing durability and your dog’s comfort, the harness integrates robust webbing reinforcements. Padded pressure points safeguard your pet's skin, and the airy mesh fabric guarantees breathability, making every walk or run an enjoyable experience.

Safety Comes First: Equipped with dual clips – one at the front for precision control or training sessions, and another at the back for relaxed strolls or jogs. Enhanced with reflective strips, the harness ensures your dog's visibility during nighttime, mitigating any unforeseen incidents.

Variety of Sizes: Available in a myriad of sizes, catering from tiny pups to majestic large breeds, ensuring a fit for all. Please consult our size chart for precise details.

Elevate Your Canine Walks and Runs

With the  PUL-NO-MORE™️  Dog Vest Harness, relish in the blend of convenience and safety, ensuring you and your dog have a delightful time outdoors.

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Product information:

Material: Polyester

Specifications: S (bust 40-60cm), M (bust 55-70cm), L (66-90cm), XL (78-105cm)

Color: black, red, fluorescent orange

Packing list:

Dog chest strap x1

Picture details:

Size Suitable weight Pull Bust
S 6-13kg 102kg 44-61cm
M 12-24kg 138kg 56-78cm
L 18-34kg 192kg 66-90cm
XL 33-47kg 192kg 78-105cm

Pull-No-More™️ Dog Harness Breathable Reflective
Pull-No-More™️ Dog Harness Breathable Reflective
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