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Color: Electric Blanket

🌟 **Wrap Yourself in BlanketMate™️ !**

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🔥 Quick Heat-Up: Reach comfy temperatures in no time!  

🌟 Ultra-Soft Fabric: Coral fleece for ultimate comfort!  

🔌 USB Convenience: Plug into almost any USB port!  

✅ Safe & Stable: High-grade carbon fiber heating element!  

 **How It Works**  
1. Select your desired heat setting.  
2. Plug into a USB port Power Bank.  
3. Wrap yourself in the blanket.  
4. Enjoy the cozy warmth and comfort!  


“This BlanketMate™️ is a game-changer! So cozy and warm, I absolutely love it!”  

- Julie, New York

**Ultimate Comfort Experience**  

Made from ultra-soft coral fleece fabric, the BlanketMate™️ is designed to keep you exceptionally warm and comfortable for hours on end, offering you the ultimate comfort experience this season.  

**Rapid Heat-Up for Quick Warmth**  

With 3 heating settings of 95°F to 140°F, its rapid heat-up function will have you wrapped in a comfy cocoon in no time. Stay warm and cozy anytime, anywhere!  

**Convenient USB Port Connection**  

You can conveniently plug the BlanketMate™️ into almost any USB port Power Bank, making it ideal for use at home, in the office, or even on the go!  

**Quality Assured for Safe Use**  

The internal heating element is made of high-grade carbon fiber, ensuring it is safe and stable. With rigorous quality assurance, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!  

**30-Day Guarantee**  

We stand by our products with a 30-day guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied!  


1. **What are the heating settings?**  

  - The Shawl Blanket has 3 heating settings ranging from 104°F. - 122°F. - 140°F.  

2. **Is it safe to use?**  

  - Absolutely, the heating element is made of high-grade carbon fiber and has undergone rigorous quality assurance.  

3. **Can I plug it into any USB port?**  

  - Yes, it’s designed for convenience and can be plugged into almost any USB port.  

4. **Is the fabric soft and comfortable?**  

  - Yes, it’s made from ultra-soft coral fleece fabric for ultimate comfort.  

5. **How big is the Shawl Blanket?**  

  - The blanket measures 33x59 in, ideal for wrapping around yourself.  

6. **Can I return it if I’m not satisfied?**  

  - Yes, we offer a 30-day guarantee on all our products.  

7. **How quickly does it heat up?**  

  - The Shawl Blanket has a rapid heat-up function, ensuring quick warmth.  

**BUY NOW and Save 50% Off – Limited Time Offer!**

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